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About us


About Us

We've been traveling for the past 50 years! From Puerto Rico, to Hawaii, to the Uk, Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Bermuda and the Netherlands.  In the USA we cover New York City, The California Riviera (LA, Palm Springs, San Diego), Florida, All of New England. We've traveled on cruise ships, hot air balloons, atop elephants, to Pride celebrations, via planes, trains and automobiles, and we continue to influence the luxury travel market. Read our articles and come along for the adventure! 


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Top Destinations

We love it all!! From Madrid to Stockholm, from Berlin to London and Paris and The Big Apple. Our time aboard cruise ships is always a fun, relaxing and luxury adventure. We love the Celebrity Summit, MSC Divina, Azamara Quest, QM2 and so many others.